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Biomass Opportunities in Redwood County

Renewable Energy resources are those sources of energy which are naturally replenished. There is increasing interest across the nation, and the world, in utilizing renewable energy to decrease dependence on non-renewable energy sources.

In 2009, Minnesota’s Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI) sponsored a project to systematically assemble information on sources and uses of energy at the regional level. A template was developed for estimating county level energy use and renewable energy potential for AURI’s use by 6Solutions LLC of Bloomington, MN.

Our county is located in Southwest Minnesota. This region has a strong agricultural economy, with a strong manufacturing component. There are 15 cities and 26 townships in Redwood County. Read our complete Redwood County Renewable Energy Template report here which was developed in November of 2010. The RADC was awarded a CERTS grant to gather this data for Redwood County.

Redwood County is in the TOP five counties in Minnesota for Corn and Soybean production and is home to Highwater Ethanol located at Lamberton, MN. The U of M Southwest Research and Outreach Center is located at Lamberton and is an organic crop research facility.

You can find our Redwood County Ag Statistics here for your further research for possible location or expansion to Redwood County.

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