Utilities/Broadband Providers & Questions

Utility Providers:   Redwood County communities are served by the following utility companies which each have their own incentives and rebates for energy efficiency, energy education for business and residential use in their service areas.  Please feel free to connect directly with them to see how you can start saving money.

The two turbines featured above belong to SMMPA and provided renewable energy to their grid and to Redwood Falls.  They are located west of Redwood Falls.  Thanks to Doug Tisue, Redwood Falls, for taking this amazing photo!

Broadband Providers:  Redwood County has completed a broadband feasibility study for the county and is working on ways to promote broadband adoption, increased usage, and improved access to broadband for its citizens and businesses while working with our current providers.  Click here to learn more about these efforts and our current providers!

Redwood County Minnesota Utility Provider Map -- click on Redwood County and zoom in to find the utility provider for your location!

Home Energy cost Analysis Tool for Redwood Falls Public Utility Customers -- Click here!

Redwood Falls Public Utilities Questline:   Great resource for businesses & homeowners!  Click here to access!

Energy Provider Rebates Links
Southern Minnesota Municipal  Power Agency (SMMPA) Visit Website
SMMPA 2014 Rebates for Business Customers Download PDF
2014 Exterior Lighting Bonus Rebate Download PDF
Xcel Energy Visit Website
Great River Energy Visit Website
Redwood Electric Coop Visit ED Website   Visit Coop Website
Ottertail Power Company Visit Website
Alliant Energy Visit Website
Renville-Sibley Coop Visit Website
Great Plains Natural Gas Visit Website
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"Living in the Cities for four years made me appreciate the kind of lifestyle the rural area has to offer.  It is a wonderful place to raise a family, and people are not too busy to wave when passing by or just stop to visit.  I felt a strong desire to bring a form of quality of healthcare back to this area."

Dr. Kyle Pankonin, Lamberton

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