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Belview residents, businesses answer call to raise funds for Parkview facility in a matter of hours

Monday, April 09, 2018

The City of Belview is a community made up of just a few hundred residents.

However, those who call the Redwood County town home have demonstrated they are committed to making Belview the best it can be.

All they need is a cause, and one will quickly see words turn to action. That was evident just a couple of weeks ago when a call went out to help Parkview Senior Living, a city-owned healthcare facility.

According to Lori Ryer, city clerk and a member of the Belview Booster Club, an idea was presented by a fellow booster club member regarding the possible purchase of a piece of equipment that would offer an even better quality of life for Parkview residents.

The proposal was to purchase a bladder scanner for the facility.

Ryer said this individual had a family member residing at Parkview who had a need for frequent bladder scans, and each time a scan was needed it meant making a trip to Redwood Falls. That was costly and inconvenient for the resident and Parkview staff.

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Redwood County offers industrial park sites, excellent transportation corridors, 94.7 miles of railroad track, a regional airport located in Redwood Falls, and excellent health care facilities across our county including the North Memorial Air Care Helicopter Ambulance located at the Redwood Fall Airport.

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