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Redwood Connect is working to bring broadband technology to your home and community, through classes, internet connections, free computers, telehealth communication and first class technology resources.

Who are we?

The Redwood County Broadband Steering Committee was made up of various organizations in Redwood County including Redwood Area Development Corporation, Redwood Area School District, Red Rock Central Schools, Wabasso Public Schools, Redwood County Technology, Redwood Area Hospital and more.

The Steering Committee’s role was to provide leadership in creating and supporting community projects related to broadband technology integration and usage.

The 2-year grant supporting this project, was funded by the Blandin Foundation.

We successfully completed our third round of technology training classes and are now ready to offer you Techology Series IV training classes. We are offering you classes on Wednesdays from August 30 through December 13, 2017.

Pre-registration is required by the Monday prior to each class and space is limited to 12 attendees per class. Register today for classes!   Classes are listed on our event calendar with a direct link for you to register online, or call Redwood Area Community Education at 507-644-3531.   You'll be glad you attended these sessions, plus the price includes food!!

"A very grateful thank you for the sessions I attended on computer and cell phone training.  It was my "first step" in  overcoming my fear of the new & updated technology in our world.  And, I now know where to turn with questions and assistance.  I thank you so much for this wonderful training.  I have told so many of this incredible opportunity.  I wish I could have attended to thank those people who granted the funds to this community and express a thank you to the instructors for their skills and talents."  

– Judy Smith

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"Living in the Cities for four years made me appreciate the kind of lifestyle the rural area has to offer.  It is a wonderful place to raise a family, and people are not too busy to wave when passing by or just stop to visit.  I felt a strong desire to bring a form of quality of healthcare back to this area."

Dr. Kyle Pankonin, Lamberton

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