July 12 Roundtable Presentations

On July 12, 2016, our Redwood County CEO Roundtable group met together for a discussion on our Labor Pool, Workforce/Talent Development, and how can we work together to attract and promote our job openings collectively to come to Redwood County or return Redwood County for careers in our companies.

  • Luke Greiner, our DEED Labor Analyst presented great information included in his powerpoint below which is public information, and
  • Kary Boerboom, with the SW Private Industry Council (PIC) presented information for employers on work-based training solutions.  Both presentations were well received and timely.  
  • Sam Ziegler, with GreenSeam, from Mankato, gave an overview of this new Agricultural cluster promoting all Ag-related businesses in southern and northern IA and encouraged our attendees to become involved in this greater initiative and cluster!  

Our CEO team will be meeting again in a few weeks to pursue conversation and actions steps to move ahead!   Let us know at the RADC if you would like to join in this group and come up with collective solutions as we are all facing hiring challenges and opportunities in our companies and across the country!   Our students are our best candidate pool and we need to engage them while they are here in their learning years to the great careers we need them to consider as they make their chocies!  

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"Living in the Cities for four years made me appreciate the kind of lifestyle the rural area has to offer.  It is a wonderful place to raise a family, and people are not too busy to wave when passing by or just stop to visit.  I felt a strong desire to bring a form of quality of healthcare back to this area."

Dr. Kyle Pankonin, Lamberton

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