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SW MN Center of Rural Entrepreneurship (CORE)

December 31, 1969

Category: Start A Business

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Starting a Business

Starting a Business

Business planning is critical to successfully starting and building a business. CORE provides the direction, tools and resources needed to write a winning business plan that validates your ideas and helps you focus on each aspect of the plan. Taking the time to watch the Starting a Business Class is a good business investment.


Creating a Marketing Plan

Creating a Marketing Plan Webcast

A marketing plan is your guide to successfully promoting and growing your business. A good marketing plan will help you answer key questions about your business: How will you position yourself in the market? How will you differentiate from your competitors? How will
you reach your customers? What are your sales goals? Where will you
advertise? All of these are important questions that as a business
owner and entrepreneur, you need to be able to answer.


Power of the Smart Phone

Power of the Smart Phone

Thinking of upgrading to a Smartphone? Do you have a Smartphone and wondering if you are using it to its full potential? Well, you’re not alone! More and more business owners are using Smartphone’s as
a business tool. The Power of the Smartphone video will answer many questions and provide you with the “power” to use your Smartphone
as an essential business tool. You’ll wonder how you ever survived
without it!

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Redwood County offers industrial park sites, excellent transportation corridors, 94.7 miles of railroad track, a regional airport located in Redwood Falls, and excellent health care facilities across our county including the North Memorial Air Care Helicopter Ambulance located at the Redwood Fall Airport.

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