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CHILD CARE PROVIDERS in our County and Resources for you and your families needs.

1.  Southwest Health and Human Services in Southwest MN: Find a list of Redwood County child care providers. Melanie Guetter, is the Child Care Licensor for Redwood County, will be happy to assist you with any questions you have. You can reach her at 507-637-6113.

2.   Parent Aware: This is a great site which will provide you a complete listing of child care provider for our 30 mile radius of Redwood Falls. This tool includes a map of all the providers and indicates those who have met the 4-Star Best Practices. 

3.   Bright Beginnings Loan Program:  Investing in our kids by equipping quality child care providersThis new loan program is available through the Southwest Initiative Foundation and administered by Jackie Turner, CORE Program Officer. Please give Jackie a call to start your application at 800-594-9480.

4.   Child Care Aware of MN:  We help families find the quality child care their children need to grow and we support the professional growth of child care professionals. Child Care Aware of Minnesota has been in operation for more than 25 years. In that time, our statewide system of agencies has served more than 600,000 parents looks for child care and more than 100,000 child care professionals seeking education and professional development.   This link contains advocacy information, and data links to help discuss/explain the economics of child care in Minnesota.   Good information to help discuss the important role of the public sector.

5. Greater Minnesota Family ServicesA non-profit based out of Willmar with programs all around the state including Redwood Falls. We strongly believe that the home is the best place to resolve parent/child issues. By working with the family's strengths and being available when a family crisis arises - day or night - the in-home Counselors can support the family, and help identify options and resources to maintain the family circle.  

SEED- Social Emotional Enrichment Development is a Day-Treatment Center for Preschoolers.SEED is designed to provide your child with the social emotional skills needed for successful behaviors and expectations in daycare and school settings.


Click here to review our July 2016 Redwood County Child Care Needs Assessment Survey results.

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Posted on:
Aug 01, 2016

Child Care: Redwood County Survey Results -- July 27, 2016
The Redwood County Child Care Task force completed a comprehensive child care needs assessment with area employers and the public to gather input from parents, businesses, and providers on what the need really is currently for day care options in our County! Here is the results for your review and discussion!   Please use the zoom tool to enlarge to read the results on some of...

Category: Childcare survey, Redwood County

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Posted on:
Jan 07, 2016

Child Care: Redwood County Community Action Plan - 2016
This report was generated from information gathered at a Redwood County Town Hall meeting on Monday, November 2, 2015 at the Redwood Area Community Center.  This initiative is a partnership with First Children's Finance, Southwest Initiative Foundation, and our Community/County to address opportunities around early childhood education and day care needs for our workforce and young families.  The project is called "Greater Than Minnesota"!    Full...

Category: Childcare

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