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Union Kitchen & Sports Bar in Wabasso Revamps Operations During COVID-19 Photo

Union Kitchen & Sports Bar in Wabasso Revamps Operations During COVID-19

Union Kitchen & Sports Bar in Wabasso is a striking example of the tenacious spirit of local business owners in the community. The challenges brought on by COVID-19 have affected all types of small businesses, from retailers to restaurants. Union Kitchen & Sports Bar rearranged its business model in order to stay open for the community and combat these hardships.  

Union Kitchen & Sports Bar Adapts During COVID-19

Having recently changed ownership to Rubi Kaufenberg and her husband Brad, COVID-19 roadblocks could have easily discouraged the new team. Instead, the Kaufenbergs adapted. 

“We decided to offer take-out and curbside pick-up. We created an option for take and bake meal kits for the family to enjoy at home while we were missing our friends and family visiting with us at the Union Kitchen,” says Kaufenberg of her adaptations. 

As COVID-19 restrictions begin to lighten and businesses are able to slowly resume normal operations, Union Kitchen is working hard to follow state regulations in order to keep patrons safe. They are continually sanitizing the premises and instating social distancing guidelines. 

Union Kitchen & Sports Bar Revamp

The Kaufenbergs have been using COVID-19 as an opportunity to revamp the bar and grill while customers were not permitted inside. The owners have painted, rearranged and even added outdoor dining as a seating option. Many community members like Dan and Shannon Guetter and Derek and Larissa Guetter have joined with the Kaufenbergs to produce the new look. The Kaufenbergs also give their thanks to local students and teachers, the Mayor, City Council, City Clerk and others for donating their time and helping with improvements. 

“This community is known for their strong unity during hard times. While we were looking for our new addition to Redwood County’s businesses, this place really captured us. The support during our takeover and revamp has been awe-inspiring. It is an amazing opportunity to be a part of the heart of Wabasso,” says owner Rubi Kaufenberg. 

The Kaufenbergs believe the community has gone above and beyond to stand behind them during this time of transition. As businesses are able to return to normal operations, the Kaufenbergs are continuing to make the establishment the culmination of their dreams. 

Redwood Area Development Corporation Assists Union Kitchen & Sports Bar

Redwood Area Development Corporation staff assisted the Rubi Kaufenberg with her new business and her vision for what’s possible. Kaufenberg has a strong understanding of restaurant operations and offers excellent food. RADC was able to assist her with some of the details of business ownership in Wabasso and support her with the process of purchasing a business. 

This is an excellent example of services that RADC can provide. 

RADC serves as economic development contract staff for the Wabasso EDA. Staff provide economic and housing services for the community – including business retention and expansion, loan program assistance, housing opportunities and project funding opportunities. We partner with the community to provide hands-on assistance for projects identified by the community.   

Contact the RADC to learn how they can assist you.

A Fun, Family-Friendly Atmosphere

The Union Kitchen & Sports Bar is a family friendly establishment that offers a fun and entertaining atmosphere. The restaurant and bar have fun activity options like skee-ball, pool and darts to a lounging area with bean bags. In addition to being a great sports bar, the kitchen offers delicious Latin and American food.

Show support to local restaurants by ordering take out or visiting in person as COVID restrictions lift. Union Kitchen & Sports Bar can be found at 743 Main Street in Wabasso. Visit the Union Kitchen & Sports Bar facebook page here.

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