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Pizza Ranch Adapts During the COVID-19 Pandemic Photo

Pizza Ranch Adapts During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Pizza Ranch is a family-friendly buffet-style pizza and chicken restaurant that calls Redwood Falls home. As the general manager of a buffet-style restaurant, Doug Lawrenz has had to make significant adaptations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lawrenz has been running Pizza Ranch for 15 years and he has led the business through many challenges. In spite of these challenges, the restaurant is thriving. 

As the pandemic spread across the country, restaurants of every category were required to make changes in order to stay in business. Pizza Ranch, too, had to rearrange some operations. 

“COVID-19 has affected our business quite a bit! We were mainly a dine-in business before the pandemic, and our in-store services have slowed down significantly. We had to adapt by becoming more of a pick-up and delivery business,” says Lawrenz.  

Pizza Ranch in RedwoodThroughout the years, Redwood Area Development Corporation (RADC) has provided Pizza Ranch with assistance. RADC has directed Lawrenz to available funding opportunities and the RADC Economic Development team connected Lawrenz to the Rural Development Center when he was interested in learning more about the CERTs lighting program.  

The Clean Energy Resource Team (CERTs) connects Minnesota business owners to clean energy resources in order to make the lighting and refrigeration systems in their businesses more energy efficient. 

“RADC has helped my business in many different ways, and we have also felt great support from our community,” says Lawrenz. 

While the Redwood community has always been intentional about bolstering local businesses, it has come through for small businesses even more tenaciously during the pandemic. 

“We’ve felt support not only from our guests that still come in and order to-go, but also from our fellow businesses in the area. It is great to see the community coming together during this challenging time,” continues Lawrenz.  

Due to the significant local patronage, Pizza Ranch has been able to pull through the pandemic strongly. As operations slowly return back to normal for many businesses, Lawrenz plans to continue following COVID-19 safe practices to keep his customers healthy. Lawrenz has a positive outlook on the future and further success of Pizza Ranch. 

Pizza Ranch Worker“Our establishment has and always will provide a spectacular meal at a great price with a family-friendly atmosphere! We have something for everyone and are always doing our best to come up with new exciting menu items and deals,” he says. 

“The Redwood Falls Pizza Ranch is always here to support our community. We have great gratitude for the support we receive in return and love to be a part of this community!” He finishes. 

Pizza Ranch offers pizza, chicken, salads and dessert pizza plus a full menu for carryout and delivery. Find online deals on the Pizza Ranch Facebook Page and visit the restaurant in person at 1360 E. Bridge Street, Redwood Falls. 

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