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EcoWater Systems by Johanneck Water – Providing Reliable and Superior Water Conditioning in Redwood County and the World Photo

EcoWater Systems by Johanneck Water – Providing Reliable and Superior Water Conditioning in Redwood County and the World

Redwood County is proud to be home to Johanneck Water Conditioning, more commonly referred to as EcoWater Systems of Redwood Falls, part of the oldest water conditioning company in the world!  

EcoWater Systems originated in 1925, when Lynn Lindsay obtained the first patent for automatic water conditioners and began what was then called the Lindsay Company. The company has grown exponentially since then.  

As the largest manufacturer of residential water conditioning equipment in the world, they produce superior water treatment equipment in addition to providing top-tier service and support through a global network of dealers, one of which is Johanneck Water.

Jay Johanneck, General Manager, tells us more about what sets Johanneck Water apart. 

“We are a second generation local business, and currently the only locally owned and operated water conditioning business in the area. Our owners and staff all live here and contribute to the vibrant Redwood Falls area,” says Johanneck.

“EcoWater Systems of Redwood Falls began as a part of Quesenberry Appliance, and was purchased by Mike Johanneck in 1984 at which point it became Mike’s Softener Service,” Johanneck explains.

Mike had been working as a service technician for Quesenberry Appliance, when they asked him if he’d like to take over the water conditioning portion of their business. Mike’s sons, Scott and Jay, helped out when they could throughout high school and early adulthood and returned permanently by 2007. 

EcoWater Systems Building“Looking for opportunities to expand, we opened a new office in Willmar in 2007, and acquired the dealership in New Ulm in 2010, expanding into Mankato in 2019,” he continues. 

When asked about roadblocks presented by the pandemic that has shut many businesses down permanently, Johanneck responded positively.

“We have been very fortunate to be considered essential during this very difficult time. Everyone has had to adapt to new circumstances, and we’ve done our best to accommodate the needs of our customers and staff,” he says.

“The community in Redwood Falls is fantastic. Their support and understanding has helped us come through this time and kept us as strong as we ever were,” Johanneck continues. 

EcoWater Systems continues to steadfastly serve customers in a time when many are in need of a clean and reliable water source. Johanneck Water Conditioning appreciates the continued support of customers and loves their home in Redwood Falls.

“We appreciate all the trust you put in our personnel and products and we will do the best we can every day to provide you with a superior service,” Johanneck says. 

For more information about residential or commercial water conditioning services from the world-renowned EcoWater Systems, click here.

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