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Redwood Area Hospital honored by patient, athenahealth, Inc.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Standing in the waiting room area near the emergency room at the Redwood Area Hospital, Craig and Cindy LaBrie talked about the life-saving efforts performed by the Redwood Area Hospital.

They are convinced if it were not for the existence of the hospital in the community and the great staff who all do their jobs well, that Craig would not be alive today.

What started out as a normal day turned into an emergency. The LaBries were measuring trails in Ramsey Park when Craig began showing the signs of cardiac arrest.

After the initial feeling that something was not quite right, Craig admitted he doesn’t remember any of what happened.

“We got in the truck and I could see something was wrong,” said Cindy, adding Craig was not breathing and was going cold.

Thankfully, said Cindy, the park was just a few minutes away from the hospital. When they arrived, Cindy said the staff took over, and within moments they had him stabilized and ready to be taken on to the metro area for more attention.

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Redwood County offers industrial park sites, excellent transportation corridors, 94.7 miles of railroad track, a regional airport located in Redwood Falls, and excellent health care facilities across our county including the North Memorial Air Care Helicopter Ambulance located at the Redwood Fall Airport.

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