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"Welcome to our Redwood County Economic Development site" which is intended to be a comprehensive resource for new and existing businesses, site selectors, our residents, and communities!  We are here to "do business with YOU" and facilitate your business or personal inquiries and needs in a confidential manner! We invite you to take our virtual tour of our County! To access our 850+  Redwood County business directory click here!

Looking for a job or new opportunity? Click here to watch this great video about working in:  Southwest Minnesota: Come for the Job, Stay for the Lifestyle!

How's your broadband? Please complete our Redwood County Broadband survey below from your computer desktop! Scroll down using the arrows on the sidebar in the box. You can test your Internet connection speeds that you are currently receiving on your desktop or laptop through your connection here! (www.speedtest.net) Do this first before you begin to complete the survey! Your name will be entered in to a drawing for a new I-PAD!   Survey will close at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, September 9, 2016.   Thanks for your participation!

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