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June Spotlight: Kenwood Design + Kenwood Home

McKenzie Taylor

The Wabasso EDA, Commercial Club, and Redwood Area Development Corporation have partnered with each other in effort to shine a light on our local business owners that work hard to share their dreams and talents with us. For the month of June, we are featuring Kenwood Home and Design, a home goods shop and interior design service that officially started in 2018. Owned and operated by Abby Gronli, this cute little shop sits in the small town of Wanda. 

After high school, Abby attended Minnesota State University, Mankato, for a bachelor’s degree in marketing and management and later on went to pursue a master’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in Marketing from Southwest Minnesota State University. While going to school for her master’s degree, yet before Kenwood Home and Design was established, Abby was working as a Marketing Manager at Redstar, a marketing agency based in Willmar.

In 2018, Abby made a bold move, launching Kenwood Design. Just two years later, she expanded her vision even further, and opened Kenwood Home in 2020. Both ventures were inspired by her deep-rooted love for home renovation and decor, and the name "Kenwood" holds a special place in her heart. Abby and her husband have spent the past decade transforming a farm on Kenwood Avenue into the place they call home, and she wanted her business to reflect that same passion and dedication.

"I chose Kenwood from our street name," Abby explains. "Kenwood Design became the name for my interior design services, and later Kenwood Home for the home goods shop I opened in Wanda, MN."

Abby's journey to entrepreneurship wasn't a direct path. Initially, she pursued a degree in marketing and management, hoping it would provide a broader range of opportunities. While working at Redstar, she was introduced to an entrepreneurial environment through a program called "Startup," which was an initiative headed up by her boss and team at the marketing agency to assist entrepreneurs with their brand and marketing strategies. This initiative sparked her interest in starting her own business, and she began assisting friends and family with small decorating projects. This combination of professional and personal experiences fueled her desire to create something of her own.

"Working in an entrepreneurial-focused environment and doing interior design side gigs for others really motivated me to start my own business," Abby recalls.

Abby's love for creating a cozy, welcoming home environment started at a young age. She fondly remembers decorating her room, admiring beautiful houses, and dreaming about her future home. This passion blossomed when she and her husband moved into their 1960s rambler in 2014. Since then, they’ve tackled numerous home projects together, each one strengthening her love for design and renovation. “I’ve loved every minute of it," Abby says. "From the projects that are a total flop, and we have to start over, to the magical ones that go exactly as planned—it’s all led up to living in a house that truly feels like home."

Kenwood Home and Design offer more than just retail; they provide a comprehensive range of design services. Abby's approach to design is deeply personal, aiming to create spaces that reflect her clients' personalities and make them feel truly at home. “No matter where you live, there are countless ways to create inviting, functional spaces that tell your story. Recognizing that not every client needs full-service interior design, I offer services tailored for those who need help piecing together a design plan and prefer a more hands-on approach,” explained Abby. Kenwood Design provides affordable, accessible virtual design services with flat-fee packages and optional in-person meetings at an hourly rate. The process is fun, easy, and personalized to your unique style and budget. "My absolute favorite part of my job is completing a project and hearing from a client, 'I love it! This finally feels like us.' That’s my ultimate goal," Abby shares.

Her favorite season to curate items for her shop is winter, particularly the Christmas season. "The way the store glows with all the lights, ornaments, and decorations feels magical," she says.

Running a business is not without its challenges, but Abby finds joy in the freedom to shape her business and the satisfaction of making her clients happy. Her biggest supporter has been her husband, Micah. She shared, “One night, we were watching one of my favorite HGTV shows where they design and renovate homes, and I shared with him what I’d thought for years. ‘I just can’t believe this is actually what they get to do every day. It would be my absolute dream job.’ Micah replied to me, “What says you can’t do it, too?” and even though it was simple, I sat with those few words for a while. It was that simple mindset shift of just because I went to school for marketing didn’t mean I couldn’t start my own interior design business.” His simple yet profound encouragement gave Abby the push she needed to pursue her dream. “Micah’s support and willingness to help has been such an important piece of my business-owner journey,” said Abby.

Outside of work, Abby enjoys spending time with her family and friends. With four young kids, life is always busy, but she cherishes every moment.

For those looking to start their own business, Abby advises, "Figure out what your 'why' is and let that be your compass for every business decision you make." One piece of advice that has stuck with her from the beginning is from her dad, quoting Confucius: “Find a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Abby continued, “We spend a good portion of our lives working, so I wanted to make sure that I chased my dream of doing what I love just like my dad did with his own job.”

As for the future of Kenwood Home and Design, Abby hopes to continue designing and decorating homes, expanding her team to take on more projects. She is grateful for the support from her clients and customers, stating, "I don’t take it for granted and would like to thank everyone who has supported this dream of mine."

Kenwood Home operates on a seasonal basis, with sale dates and times posted on her website and social media pages. Additionally, Abby hosts an annual Kenwood Home Celebration event, with the next one scheduled for August 15th. This event brings life to the downtown area of Wanda by bringing together friends and family from afar along with other local vendors and food trucks.

Abby's story is truly a testament to following one's passion, embracing the opportunities that are placed in front of us, and through creating a business that truly reflects who you are. Through Kenwood Home and Design, she continues to bring warmth and personality into homes, helping others create spaces they love just as much as she loves her own. If you’re looking to connect with Abby, you can do so online through her website at or by email at