Redwood Connect: Our Broadband Initiative & History!

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The FCC's new mapping tool will provide you with the best options for internet connectiveness by your zipcode -- click here to check out their mapping tool!   2-24-18

The Minnesota Office of Broadband website is your best source for the current mapping of Redwood County and latest information on programming available for our area.   Below we have listed our area providers and our past efforts for broadband improvements and history from 2010 to 2016. 

   Redwood County Broadband Providers

Our providers in Redwood County are here to help grow your business! State of the art telecommunications system providers:

LOOKING for a great link to compare Internet providers by your zipcode?   Then click here to get started!   

Redwood County Broadband survey -- How's your INTERNET??? Here is the link to our survey results which ended on 9/15/16! Here is a link to the PDF.

RADC was approached to apply on behalf of Redwood County and was  selected in November of 2014 to be one of 10 Minnesota Communities/Counties to be in the Blandin Broadband Communities consortium.   On February 5, 2015, a county-wide meeting was held to discuss and identify challenge areas around broadband usage in Redwood County, and what our future might look like. Volunteers were sought from this meeting and formed the Redwood Connect Task Force.  There were projects identified by various entities across the county, and then over the course of 2015 and 2016 there were three rounds of grant funding made available through the Blandin Foundation.   Based on the information gathered at the meeting, we applied for a series of 10 grants and were awarded all ten for a matching total from Blandin of nearly $90,000 that was invested in Redwood County!   Click here to view the results of our efforts over the past 24 months!

Redwood County completed our county broadband feasibility study in early January 2013.   The Final study report was completed on 4/2/2013.  Compass Consulting presented the final report to the County Board on April 2, 2013 and to the public on April 15, 2013 in Wabasso.

Redwood County Broadband Initiative -- Feasibility Study -- April 2, 2013 -- Report and Market Study data

Broadband Access in Redwood County. How is your connection speed? 

Will Redwood County be able to meet the new State Broadband standard which is 100 MBs download and 20 MBs upload by 2026 -- in 10 years -- will we be ready?

How is your broadband speed at your residence or business?  Do you know what you are currently receiving vs. what you think you are paying for?    We would like you to take your speed test and keep track of it!   You can save it each time you take it whether you do this on your desktop or on your mobile device and laptop and whether you are on wi-fi or your phone connection.

Our Redwood Connect Broadband Steering Committee organized and meet from January of 2011 through October of 2016.   Leonard Runck, chaired our committee and other members included Paul Parsons, Eric Solo, Julie Rath, Teri Smith, Kelly Lutgen, Bryan Lydick, Tim Beske, Colleen Peryl, and other interested citizens.

Our History Timeline:

  • December 2, 2011 -- First ever Social Media Breakfast Redwood Area meeting held at Fieldstone Vineyards
  • May 12, 2011 -- Social Media Training -- RADC/EDA co-hosted with MN REM and Blandin this event in Redwood Falls!  Click here to watch a clip on the training!
  • Offered monthly Let's Talk Broadband classes in 2012
  • Selected as one of ten counties to be part of the Blandin Foundation's Initiative to increase usage and awareness of broadband usage in the State of Minnesota.

landin Broadband Community Initiatives -- 2015 & 2016

Our team hosted a community meeting in March of 2015 to identify focus areas that were brought to the forefront that needed attention in Redwood County.   From this process, 8 projects were identified and sub committees formed to work on their interest area to apply for grants to Blandin and work with a hosting local unit of government to make the applications.   We submitted grant requests in June of 2015 and again in December of 2015.  

We were awarded the following projects/grants for a total of $146,000.00+ for Redwood County!

1.   Redwood Connect Technology Training Center -- dedicated technology trainign center with 12 computers, a 1 gigabyte connection, and Smart TV provided by the Redwood County Veterans Service office.   This center went online in February, 2016.

2.  Redwood Community Education:   Lunch N Learn Technology series.   Classes began in February and were held through July with a new topic taught at each session.   Various instructors from the area did very informative hands on training with our attendees.  A second series of Luncn N Learn, and Computers N Coffee will begin August - December of 2016.

3.  Redwood Falls Public Library:   Received 20 new computers for public use at their Library and expanded their capacity to serve more people and answer their questions

4.  Redwood School District:   Received two Smart Boards for thier Early childhood learning classrooms to help our younger students advance with this technology.

5.  RedRock Central School District:   Received funding to purchase additional 3 D printers for their Fab lab, and 20 Chromebooks for training purposes for the public.   Lunch N Learn classes will be offered in Lamberton too.

6.  GIS to the Public:   New online web-based application for the public to access information about their properties.  This will be an educational tool and taught as part of the Lunch N Learn to the public; realtors, township boards, public in general.

7.  Redwood Area Hospital:   Telehealth Initiative -  has acquired AVu Telehealth System with Gunderson Clinic, Olmstead Medical ouf of Winona to offer telehealth services at our hospital, Good Samaritan, ACMC to begin with and will expand into the county as the progrom develops.

8.  Redwood County EDA:   Received funding for marketing of all these wonderful broadband training sessions, Let's Put out Cities on the Map, and will be conducting a broadband needs/usage assessment with Redwood County residence and businesses in July/August so we can map exactly where our un and under-served area are located in Redwood County.   Drawing will include one person winning a Ipad!

As of July, 2017, all Broadband initiatives are being addressed by the County EDA /Economic Development Coordinator, Briana Mumme.  If you as a resident or business have a broadband experience you want to share, please send her in an email or letter and she will be gathering all this information to present to the county board to indicate that there are issues with this necessary infrastructure need in Redwood County!