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Membership Investment: Community, Business and Individual

Membership Investment

Your business investment, partnership, and support of the RADC makes a difference. Thank you!

Our competitors are no longer the next community down the road from you, we now live in a global economy where the world is flat and business can be done anywhere, at any hour, from any computer, at any location - even your home!

With this type of competition in the business world, it is extremely important to retain and expand our existing businesses in our local communities as well as attract new business. As businesses assess their options, the Redwood Area Development Corporation …..a Good Place to Start, has a proven record and competent staff with the ability to assist your business needs with your growth through financial assistance, business planning, infrastructure, and grant writing and advocate for your business needs!

Your Partnership Investment

Your investment in the RADC is important to maintain a viable economic development organization serving and marketing the Redwood Area communities and businesses!

You have already made a stake in our Redwood Area by establishing your business here, living here and providing employment opportunities here. A good economic environment requires a thriving economic development corporation which through leadership, volunteerism, paid staff, and financial resources is empowered to continue creating a progressive county for our future success.

From 1986 through 2018:

  • RADC has assisted with loans and grants benefiting our area consisting of more than $63,799,833.00.
  • RADC is taking great strides to grow existing businesses and bring new manufacturing to our area.
  • RADC strives to assist businesses and member communities to grow in 2019.

Member Communities Investment

  • $5.00/per capita under 5,000
  • $7.00/per capita over 5,000

Business Member Investment   

Your business is an important component to our overall promotion and success of our area and communities. Your investment and partnership with the work at we do here at and for you at the RADC is what makes us stronger together. Your investment membership gives you broader exposure on our website and within our social media networks. Your business logo is included on our "Featured Businesses" rolling banner on our homepage giving our clients, visitors, and guests the opportunity to see your business logo upfront and have direct linkage to your website by clicking on the logo. The staff and board members of the RADC thank you for your support and partnership.  

Individual/Business Investment - Download Brochure and Form Here

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"Just wanted to say thank you for a great tour of Redwood is so wonderful to see a community with such beauty and awareness of its potential by the way Redwood Falls promotes itself and the surrounding area. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing the growth and remarkable natural setting that the area provides....what a pleasant and unexpected surprise!!! Thank you again for taking the time to show us your beautiful city and all it has to offer....anyone would be pleased to visit and locate there!"

Jackie Buysse

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