Child Care

Southwest Health and Human Services in Southwest MN

Find a list of Redwood County child care providers.

Parent Aware

This tool includes a map of all the providers and those who have met the 4-Star Best Practices. 

Bright Beginnings Loan Program

Investing in our kids by equipping quality child care providersThis new loan program is available through the Southwest Initiative Foundation.

Child Care Aware of MN

We help families find the quality child care their children need to grow and we support the professional growth of child care professionals. 

Greater Minnesota Family Services

A non-profit based out of Willmar with programs all around the state including Redwood Falls. We strongly believe that the home is the best place to resolve parent/child issues. By working with the family's strengths and being available when a family crisis arises - day or night - the in-home Counselors can support the family, and help identify options and resources to maintain the family circle.