Orrin S Estebo Foundation

The Orrin S. Estebo Foundation was established in 2006 to assist with civic, charitable, and benevolent causes, as well as educational and cultural organizations within the Redwood Falls zip code of 56283. The Orrin S. Estebo Foundation is a subsidiary of the Redwood Area Communities Foundation. Our community has been blessed with a tremendous gift. Orrin established this fund as an endowment to enrich the community of Redwood Falls to ensure progress for generations to come. 


An endowment is a donation of money or property to a nonprofit organization which uses the resulting investment income for a specific purpose.  The principal amount of the endowment is kept intact while the investment income is used for charitable efforts. Orrin created specific restrictions on the use of the funds that were so graciously given to the Redwood Area Communities Foundation in order to carry out Orrin's legacy.


The Man Behind the Gift…

Orrin was born in Farmington MN on September 1, 1940 to Orville and Lutetia Estebo. The family later moved to Cannon Falls MN where he graduated from Cannon Falls High School in 1958. After high school, he attended the University of Minnesota graduating in 1964. During those years, he worked a variety of jobs to put himself through college. He fulfilled his educational dream in 1971 by graduating from the University of South Dakota School of Law. On April 2, 1966, Orrin married Nancy Dangers in Fairfax MN. The couple moved to Redwood Falls in 1971. Orrin began practicing law with an established attorney and created a law firm. 

In the early 1980s, Orrin and Dave Wood became partners after purchasing Warrior Manufacturing Company, a producer of “quick hitches” used in the agricultural industry. Orrin maintained his ownership interest in the company for 20 years. 

Following Nancy’s death in 1995, Orrin made the first of many significant financial gifts to the Redwood Area School District, Redwood Area Education Foundation, Redwood Area Dollars for Scholars, Orrin S. Estebo Chapter, Redwood Area Communities Foundation, and the University of South Dakota Law School. 

On March 16, 2001, Orrin married Shirley Kronberg Erickson. They resided in Redwood Falls until Orrin’s death on December 18, 2020.

Orrin always had a passion for Redwood Falls. Bringing students and adults together to learn meaningful practical employment skills was one of his dreams.  Orrin's well-known belief that “education opens doors” was very apparent in his financial gifts and strong belief in vocational education as well as in graduate level education.

Orrin had a passion for Redwood Falls, hunting, fishing, golfing, traveling, riding his horse, and flying his airplane. Orrin embraced the virtues of humility, generosity, and gratefulness. He loved his family, friends, and Redwood Falls very much.


Estebo Grant Application



  • Funds shall only be available for residents or organizations having an address and location within Minnesota zip code 56283.
  • Funds should only be awarded on a periodic basis, not as a continuing portion of an applicant's annual budget for maintenance or day to day operations.
  • An entity can make 1 request in any 12-month timeframe. 
  • If an application is denied funding, you must wait 12 months before you reapply.
  • Requests for project funds must be submitted before the project begins.
  • Grant awardees must report back on how the funds were spent and provide additional information if requested by the board.
  • Awards of $20,000 or more must be approved by unanimous vote of the board.
  • Grant decisions are at the discretion of the Board. All Board decisions are final.


What We Fund

  • Projects that have focus in:
    • Educational programs or services
    • Civic
    • Public services
    • Economic development
    • Community service
  • Capital projects for nonprofit organizations only. 


What We Don't Fund

  • The board will not approve grant requests to pay down the pre-existing debts or eliminate a budget deficit of an organization, group, or business.
  • Funding must not replace government funding that has been reduced or eliminated.
  • The foundation does not make grants for: 
    • Private individuals
    • For profit businesses
    • Political
    • Religious
    • Debt retirement
    • Operating funds
    • Fundraising
    • Private education pre-K though grade 12 institutions
    • State or federal owned entities 
    • Operational or maintenance budgets



  • Applications will include the application form and nonprofit status verification documentation. Grant application deadlines each year will be:
    • February 1
    • June 1
    • October 1



Get In Touch

Contact us with any questions you may have by emailing pat@radc.org or you may reach us by calling 507-637-4004.