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About Us

Since the RADC was organized in 1986 by community business leaders, we have made great strides in representing our area communities and businesses in the field of economic and community development securing just over $63.8 million in grants and loans for the Redwood Area.

RADC serves residents, non profits, businesses & communities:

Become a Member

Your investment in the RADC is important to maintain a viable economic development organization serving and marketing the Redwood Area communities and businesses!

You have already made a stake in our Redwood Area by establishing your business here, living here and providing employment opportunities here. A good economic environment requires a thriving economic development corporation which through leadership, volunteerism, paid staff, and financial resources is empowered to continue creating a progressive county for our future success.

Your business investment, partnership, and support of the RADC makes a difference. Thank you!

Benefits of Membership

  • Access to Grant Writing assistance at a discounted member rate
  • Administrative and bookkeeping services at a discounted member rate
  • Community and economic services at a discounted member rate
  • Additional exposure, marketing and advertising of your business or community through the RADC website and social media
  • Your business is featured in our Business Directory with a direct link to your website

Community Investment

  • $5.00/per capita under 5,000
  • $7.00/per capita over 5,000

Business Investment 

  • $50.00 Individual/Retail
  • $150.00 Small Business (2-10 employees)
  • $350.00 Medium Business (10-50)
  • $1,000.00 Corporate Business (51-200)
  • $1,500.00 Partner (200+)


Individual/Business Investment - Download Brochure and Form Here















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