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Posted on:
Sep 28, 2016

Strut Your Stuff ppt - Blandin Broadband Communities Grant presentattion - 9/28/16
Redwood County was selected in November of 2014 to be one of 10 Minnesota Communities/Counties to be in the Blandin Broadband Communities consortium.   On February 5, 2015, a county-wide meeting was held to discuss and identify challenge areas around broadband usage in Redwood County, and what our future might look like.   There were projects identified and then over the course of 2015 and...

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Posted on:
Jan 26, 2016

Category: Broadband Funding

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Redwood County offers industrial park sites, excellent transportation corridors, 94.7 miles of railroad track, a regional airport located in Redwood Falls, and excellent health care facilities across our county including the North Memorial Air Care Helicopter Ambulance located at the Redwood Fall Airport.

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