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2018 Redwood County Labor Profile

June 28, 2018

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2018 Redwood County Labor Profile

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The Redwood County Labor Profile data was gathered by Luke Greiner, our Regional DEED Labor Analyst.  Redwood County has experienced a -9.2% drop in population or a loss of 1543 people from 2000 to 2017!   This report is all based on data gathered from multiple datasets that gather information about the population of each county.   It show trends from the past years, and projections trends into the future based on the population base that lives in our county in 2017.   As you review this data, there are slight increases in the 25-34 year and 35-44 year brackets, but in every other bracket there are losses over the next 20+ years so this trend continues!  The entire report is a good tool to use and review as you as company, site  selector, business, church, developer look at what and where you migh want to locate and/or invest in the future in our communities and county.   Its a great tool to show where our labor market is, what type of jobs are avaialable, and if you want to move back here after you have received your post-secondary education, it shares with you where the job openings are and what type of income you can expect to earn om Southwest Minnesota/Region 8!   There is a definite population shift from rural to urban, as Minnesota's population continues to grow.      Please take time to review and share this with your circle of influence!

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