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Knott's Corner Bar & Grill: An Integral Member of the Redwood Community Photo

Knott's Corner Bar & Grill: An Integral Member of the Redwood Community

The Redwood community is home to many outstanding local businesses and restaurants, but Knott’s Corner Bar & Grill is in a league of its own. Anna Knott and her husband, Jonathan, took ownership of the space where the BrauHaus was once located, completely revamping it before reopening the bar in 2014. Anna’s journey from working at the former restaurant to climbing the corporate ladder and eventually becoming the owner is an inspiration to entrepreneurs everywhere. 

When asked what inspired Anna to open the bar and grill, she responded, “Growing up, my mother worked in the restaurant, so my first job was as a cook at the same restaurant. It all came naturally to me, the timing, speed, and consistency.”

She continued, “When the opportunity arose to take the step from manager to owner, I took it! I'm the "poster child" of climbing up the "corporate ladder”. My mother still works for the restaurant and helps me to keep the business moving forward every day.”

Anna attended Alexandria Technical and Community College where she earned a degree in Hospitality Management, a degree that proved to be invaluable to her career. Having grown up right outside of Lucan, she knew she wanted to return to the area and make her own home there. Shortly after graduation, the opportunity to purchase the restaurant arose. Anna and her husband quickly decided it was the right decision to buy it. 

Knott’s Corner Bar & Grill is a Full-Service, Family-Friendly Establishment 

Knott’s Corner is a full-service bar and restaurant. They offer a wide variety of meals— wings, burgers, wraps, steaks, pastas, pizzas and more that the entire family will love. Anna’s own children can be found interacting with customers and helping with daily duties.

The bar keeps four beers on tap and also offers off-sale beer, liquor and wine. The on-site private dining room in the establishment seats up to 80 people for events like bachelor dinners, holiday parties, reunions, business meetings and more. 

Additionally, the Knott’s Corner Bar & Grill provides off-site food and liquor catering for bigger events. 

Knott’s Corner Enjoys a Mutually Beneficial Relationship with the Community

Knott's Corner is located in the heart of Lucan, giving the restaurant the opportunity to be an integral part of the community. They often host Lions Meetings, Booster Club Meetings, Senior Dining events and Fire Department Fundraisers. The grill also participates in fundraisers year-round for the Lucan City Park and throughout the year to support the students and athletes in the Wabasso School District.

Redwood Area Development Corporation assisted Knott’s Corner Bar & Grill with a loan that was used to purchase the equipment and furniture that came with the business. RADC builds relationships with businesses like Knott’s Corner, and together, they improve the communities of Redwood County. 

Being located in Redwood County has many benefits for bar and grills like Knott's Corner. 

“The communities in Redwood County are great supporters of small, locally owned businesses like Knott's Corner. The locals love coming in and seeing that I brought my 4-year-old with me to work. The rural community members have the mindset of keeping things local and supporting the small businesses vs. the big companies with CEO's and hundreds of employees,” she continues. 

Knott’s Corner Provides Important Employment Opportunities for High Schoolers

In addition to hosting fundraisers and being a family-friendly staple restaurant in the county, Knott’s Corner also employs several high school students in the area. 

“We teach students kitchen fundamentals and a strong work ethic in hopes of giving them a head start in college and adulthood,” says Anna. 

Knott’s Corner Bar & Grill is persistently setting goals to continue to grow in experience, cooking and serving every day in order to become an even better asset to the Redwood community. 

“We are always a work in progress. You may visit us one night and your food may take a little longer. We're most likely teaching a high school student the proper way to do something in the kitchen, resulting in a little longer wait time for you. The next time you're in, your food may come out in record speed. That high school student you patiently waited on before can probably now make your food with their eyes closed (but they'll keep them open, trust us!),” Anna explains.

“We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for all of our customers, and we can never thank our customers enough for their support,” she finishes.  

Knott’s Corner Bar & Grill strives to continue serving customers high-quality food and beverages for years to come. They are an indispensable member of the Redwood community. Knott’s Corner is located at 111 Main St., Lucan, Minnesota. They are open Monday 8 a.m.- 8 p.m., Tuesday-Thursday 8 a.m.- 9 p.m., Friday 8 a.m.- 10 p.m., Saturday 7 a.m.- 9 p.m. and they are closed on Sunday. Knott’s Corner is on Facebook at Knott’s Corner Bar & Grill, or they can be reached by calling (507) 747-2796. 




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