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Thursday, December 29, 2022

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A Look back at the Redwood Area Development Corporation’s 2022 Accomplishments, and at What’s Ahead in 2023

Since it was created in 1986, the Redwood Area Development Corporation (RADC) has been here to assist the Redwood Area. This integral community partner serves businesses, non-profits, and residents with offerings that include grant, non-profit and business services, economic development resources, and administrative services. RADC is the administrator of Minnesota Valley Regional Rail Authority, Redwood Area Communities Foundation, Renville County HRA, Renville County Homeogtwnership Program, Renville County Blight Removal Grant, and Redwood County Collaborative.

Meet the RADC Staff

Pat Dingels, Executive Director of the RADC, has been with the RADC for more than 30 years.

Raven All Runner, Executive Director of the Renville County HRA/RADC Program Manager has been with the RADC for more than 5 years. 

McKenzie Fischer, Administrator of the MVRRA/RADC Program Assistant had been with the RADC for one year. 

RADC 2022 Accomplishments

As of 2022, the RADC helped member communities and member businesses to receive over $93 million in grant and loan funds over 36 years of operation. These funds have been used to improve infrastructure in many ways: water/sewer/railroad, housing, parks, schools, health care, social services, and fire departments. The grants and loan funds were also used to provide gap financing for businesses in the Redwood Area communities, and other economic and community development opportunities. 

“This type of public/private partnership is why the RADC has been successful over the years in assisting you, our member communities, and businesses,” said Dingels.

Looking back at 2022, there have been several major achievements. “Some of the biggest accomplishments so far for RADC in 2022 have been securing grant funds for a new fire truck for the City of Elmore, MN, securing grant funds for US 212 Beef Corporation which is a business in Buffalo Lake, MN, completing ten miles of rail relay with the Minnesota Valley Regional Rail Authority along with several other rehab projects,” said Fischer. “We also assisted with securing a Wabasso EDA loan for a new business in Wabasso, MN,” added Fischer.

RADC 2023 Plans

“In 2023, we are looking forward to continuing growing with our surrounding communities and entities we work with,” said Dingels. “The Redwood Area Communities Foundation is growing rapidly and it’s great to see people from our area getting out there and getting involved with their community. We added a new subsidiary to the Communities Foundation this year called “Friends for the Future” which is a group that is working on securing funds for a daycare center in Franklin and they have been doing an amazing job so far. All of our other subsidiaries in the Communities foundation are active and continuously working for the betterment of those in our area.”

Contact the RADC!

If you want to become involved in the RADC, please visit us in the office, email, or call us to see the services we can assist you with. You can learn more on our website, too.
“RADC is a multifaceted non-profit that provides services such as membership business/communities EDA assistance, and grant writing. RADC also provides contract services for the Redwood Area Communities Foundation, MVRRA, and RCC,” said Dingels.
“RADC also provides contract services for the Renville County HRA Section 8 and Public Housing programs, along with a few Renville County EDA programs such as first-time homeownership loans, rehab loans, rental rehab loans, and the blight grant program,” added All Runner.
“Our primary focus is community and economic development for the member communities and businesses. We are here to work with you and hope that you reach out to us with any questions!” shared Fischer.

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