Mid County Ag Services, LLC Moves Operations to Wabasso

Monday, December 23, 2019

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Mid County Ag Services, LLC, now located in Wabasso, is a full-service provider of a variety of Pioneer brand corn, soybean and alfalfa seed. The company also offers other important services to members of the agriculture community, including field planning, planting, and harvest data management and Granular services like Satellite imagery, nitrogen modeling, and financial analysis. 24/7 seed delivery is another company specialty. 

Owner and operator Jamison Panitzke took over ownership of the seed business from Jeff Schoer of Schoer Seeds. For many years following college, Panitzke has known he wanted to someday own his own seed/agronomy business, and the timing to transition to owner worked out perfectly for him to fulfill his dream. 

He adapted the business to become a more comprehensive full-service seed company to better serve the community.  

The Redwood Area Welcomes Mid County Ag Services, LLC to the Community

The Redwood Area knows the vital impact a thriving agricultural industry makes on the economy and the wellness of residents and welcomes Mid County Ag Services, LLC with open arms. 

The City of Wabasso, home of Mid County Ag Services, LLC, is a member of the Redwood Area Development Corporation. RADC played an important role in making the Mid County Ag Services, LLC dream a reality. Economic Development Specialist at the RADC assisted the business with the application for the Wabasso EDA Revolving Loan Fund.  

The Wabasso EDA Revolving Loan Fund provides gap financing for new and/or existing businesses wishing to make improvements by relocating or expanding to the City of Wabasso. In addition to bringing new business to the area, it catalyzes job retention, community development and infrastructure improvements, improving economic development as a whole in the City of Wabasso.  

Mid County Ag Services, LLC Plans for a Long and Fruitful Relationship with the Community

“Wabasso is in the heart of Redwood County which is also the heart of my sales territory. Mid County Ag Services is positively impacting the community with its support of local businesses, schools, groups, and events, and I plan to continue to support this community for many more years to come,” says Panitzke of his transition to the area. 

As an independent sales agency, Mid County Ag Services, LLC sells over $1 million dollars worth of Pioneer brand seeds and digital Ag services. As a leader in the industry in Wabasso, the company provides these agronomic solutions in hopes of helping local farmers maximize their yield, environmental stewardship, and profitability.  

Panitze plans on continuing to provide these outstanding and much-needed services to the community of Wabasso and the Redwood Area and hopes to one day expand further. 

“Mid County Ag Services is your #1 dealer for Pioneer seed in the Wabasso Area with a commitment to helping our customers succeed,” Panitzke says of his intentions.

Mid County Ag Services, LLC is always looking to add and adjust their services to keep up with customer needs and demands. The Redwood Area Development Corporation looks forward to a beneficial and long-standing community relationship. Find Mid County Ag Services, LLC in our business directory or contact owner Jamison Panitzke directly at jamison.panitzke@plantpioneer.com.

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