Redwood Area Development Corporation Celebrates Economic Development Week in May

Monday, May 09, 2022

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It’s May, and the second week of the month is when Economic Development Week is celebrated each year. It’s a great time to recognize economic developers and to share information about what we do here at the Redwood Area Development Corporation (RADC).

RADC works hard all year round to support our six unique communities in the Redwood Area: Belview, Clements, the Lower Sioux Indian Community, Lucan, Seaforth, and Wabasso. We also provide assistance and create programs to help the many incredible businesses in our area to thrive and grow.

The staff at RADC has a lot of experience partnering with local community development organizations to provide services and resources to your business. We can help create successful financial packages, provide technical expertise, and assist with grant writing and fiscal management. Some of the organizations RADC has worked extensively with for many years include USDA-Rural Development, SBA, HUD, MN DOT, Blandin Foundation, Southwest Initiative Foundation, SW Regional Development Commission, DEED – MN Small Cities grant program, grant funding agencies, bond agreement administration, MN DNR, renewable energy funding – PACE and REAP, and many local financial institutions.

Economic Development Week at RADC

Economic Development Week (EDW), which is celebrated during the second week of May, recognizes the efforts of local economic developers to build and enhance their communities as the RADC does in the Redwood Area. The International Economic Development Council (IEDC) first launched EDW in 2016 to increase awareness about local economic development programs. Local growth is created by economic development efforts, from programs that produce job opportunities to initiatives that improve the overall quality of life. Economic development organizations like RADC not only provide support for small businesses and community organizations but also for other contributors to the local economy.

All of us at RADC are glad to have the opportunity during EDW to explain more about what we do as economic developers and how the RADC can help you and your business or organization. Working together, we can create jobs, provide overall business growth, and improve the quality of life for all of us in the Redwood Area community. 

RADC works to provide assistance and resources to local entrepreneurs and small businesses throughout the year and is glad that our efforts support the retention, expansion, and promotion of local businesses and workforce development within the Redwood Area.

Contact us at RADC to learn more about the resources available to help your business and all the ways that we can help!

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